Our Core Revenue Generators

Cryptocurrency Trading // 01


One of the most volatile and powerful technologies unleashed in the financial world, and has consistently outperformed each index annually for the last 5 years on average.   ZFund Pro allocates a percentage of funds towards the best performing CryptoAsset Traders in the world.

Global Opportunity // 03

Today's information technology moves 24/7 and instantly connects P2P networks, blockchains, and massive social networks.   We are leveraging our investment connections into various outside countries with a broad focus on renewable energy, telecom, Blockchain, sustainable agribusiness.    Together with our partner investors, we can not only make a difference in emerging markets and emerging technology, but revolutionize the growth for EcoPreneurs and agile minded VC approaches.  

Hard Asset Cash Flow // 02


Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Hospitality and Multi-Family Real Estate, as a portfolio stabilizer, is a key generator for us and our clients.  The ability to generate rental income against taxable depreciation produces steady portfolio returns, and provides for large liquidity events, 1031 Exchanges, etc

Risk Management // 04


Most important to our clients is the ability to cover downside risk, and invest in winning strategies during down markets.   Due to our capitalization ratios and asset focus- we are able to take short positions in the equity market, buy distressed assets, and gain from trading the volatility of the broad market or specific asset classes.   

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