Currently we are only open to known clients and accredited investors that qualify through proper KYC, AML and FATF registration eligibility.   Here are some of the companies we have invested with, consulted for and partnered with over the years.    Our network continually extends through corporate relationships and their top employees and C-Suite managers.

CJ Wilson //  Employee 1


CJ Wilson, former MLB All-Star- has been investing in small businesses, technology companies and has started a marketing company and sold automotive dealerships- the next step:  Forming ZFund Pro.

Having a background as a gold bug, day trader, and real estate developer, all on the side of having a successful sports career, Wilson began investing in Crypto Assets in 2018.     There is no more traditional business than automotive- and CJ stepped back from the General Manager role at his Porsche Store to step up as COO of Zima Digital Assets and begin to invest through an Opportunity Fund.


Bringing a stable, traditional and simultaneously eclectic investment portfolio mind- CJ leads our investment team forward into Venture Capital Investments, and bridging blockchain into tradtional multi-party transactions.  

Michael Hutta //  Employee 2


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